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P.A.N Harina Amarilla - yellow corn flour 1000g

P.A.N Harina Amarilla - yellow corn flour 1000g

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Reasons to Buy PAN Yellow Flour:

  1. Unmatched Depth of Flavor: PAN's yellow corn flour is not just an ingredient, it's a source of authentic flavor. Infuse your dishes with the richness of corn and get that homemade taste we all love.
  2. Versatility in your pantry: From arepas to tortillas to empanadas, PAN Yellow Flour is the perfect everyday cooking companion. Want to vary your recipes? This ingredient adapts to all your culinary ideas.
  3. Quality that Makes the Difference: Not all corn flours are the same. PAN is synonymous with quality and authenticity, guaranteeing that every dish you prepare has the excellence it deserves.
  4. The Colorful Touch in your Dishes: Thanks to its characteristic golden tone, your creations with PAN Yellow Flour will look as good as they taste. Give a vibrant and visually appealing touch to your meals.

Size: 1000g


What is PAN Yellow Flour:

PAN Harina Amarilla is the result of years of tradition and passion for cooking. Made with the highest quality yellow corn and a milling process that preserves all the nutritional properties, this flour is the secret to dishes that not only nourish, but also fill the soul.

Recipe Ideas with Yellow Flour Bread:

  • Traditional Arepas: Prepare the most delicious and authentic arepas with PAN Yellow Flour. Their crunchy texture on the outside and soft on the inside will transport you straight to grandma's kitchen.
  • Tacos and Tortillas: Mexican cuisine lover? Create tortillas and tacos that rival those of the best restaurants. The versatility of yellow flour will surprise you.
  • Perfect Fritters: From fritters to empanadas, PAN Harina Amarilla's unique texture ensures that your fritters are crispy and full of flavor.

Bring your recipes to life, add a touch of tradition and surprise your loved ones with every bite. Your pantry will never be complete without this culinary gem.

Don't wait any longer to experience the magic of PAN Harina Amarilla. Add this incredible flour to your cart and discover how it can elevate your dishes to unsuspected levels. Your kitchen will never be the same.

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