Welcome to the sweet and delicious Candy & Chocolate category in our online store of Colombian food products. Here, we invite you to discover a palette of irresistible flavors that are part of the heart of Colombian gastronomy. In this article, you will dive into the exciting world of Candy & Chocolate and learn why these products are a culinary treasure worth exploring. Join us on this journey of unique Colombian flavors and textures.


Why you should know about CANDY & CHOCOLATE:

To know Colombian Candy & Chocolate is to enter a dimension of flavor and tradition that reflects the authenticity of the country's culinary culture. These products not only sweeten everyday moments, but also convey stories of celebration and joy. By exploring them, you will not only satisfy your cravings, but also immerse yourself in the passion that Colombia puts into every bite.

CANDY & CHOCOLATE Emblematic of Colombia:

Noel Festival Cookies:

Noel Festival Cookies are a Colombian classic that combines flavors and textures. Perfect with a cup of coffee or as a snack.

Frunas Original Assorted Flavours:

Frunas are fruit candies with assorted flavors that are a true explosion of flavor. They are ideal for those who enjoy healthier options.

Cocosette Coconut Cookies:

Cocosette are coconut-filled cookies that offer a perfect balance of crunchy and creamy. They are an irresistible treat.

Supercoco Bombon:

Supercoco Bombon is a coconut candy that offers a tropical experience in every bite. Its authentic flavor is loved by young and old alike.

Su Sabor Delimanjar:

Delimanjar uses caramelized milk cream as a filling in Colombian desserts and candies, providing an unmatched flavor.

Alpina Dulce de Leche:

Enjoy Alpina Dulce de Leche, a delicious and versatile milk cream that people savor on its own or use as a filling for breads and cakes, as well as in various desserts.

Su Sabor Bocadillo Veleñito:

Bocadillo Veleñito enthusiasts savor this compact and sweet guava paste, relishing it on its own or using it as a delectable filling in cakes and desserts.


Chocoramo is a cream-filled chocolate pastry that is a true Colombian classic. Its flavor and texture make it unmistakable.


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